Met diverse bedrijven ben ik een samenwerking aangegaan. Bekijk hieronder een aantal referenties. 
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Wietse Louwes

Organisator Compliance & Risk Congres 2019

"I know Richard as a professional business process specialist. Duringa complex project at Rabobank International, Richard managed toline up the various stakeholders needed to ensure the project'ssuccess. It has been a pleasure to work with him."

Thomas Domhof 

CEO at castrolanda Cooperativa Agroindustrial

"We required an expert consultant in processes, and related risks around the set-up of a full Know Your Customer project at a major European bank. Richard was very good at getting the required insight and detailed information from all business stakeholders. This was needed in a short span of time in order to create a revised business process that fits in with the new services around Client Data Management and Customer Due Diligence we were projecting to implement. He demonstrates good empathy and as such is able to keep stakeholders connected."

Dennis de Vries

Lead of KPMG Distributed Ledger Services Netherlands at KPMG Nederland

"In 2010 Richard worked for us for 8 months as interim employee on the implementation of periodic screening requirements relating to the Know Your Customer process. Richard operated in a complex environment in which he had to interact with our data analysis team to obtain the correct information and with local front-office staff responsible for the local Know Your Customer process. He helped our data analysis team in setting up a monitoring list and chased our network of 30 business units to take action based on this list. He demonstrated a self-starting attitude, had sufficient eye to detailed requirements, was able to ensure cooperation from staff in our business units and timely escalated issues when necessary. Overall Richard played a vital role in installing this process in our company."